Why is duolingo unpedagogic? (Part 2 – here’s why!)

In an earlier post I argued why Duolingo was not in fact unpedagogic despite a perception among some educators that it is. I argued that Duolingo does work (to an extent) and the success in learning vocabulary through a motivating and well designed learner experience was a good example of digital learning. However, the perceptions 

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Detail from iPhone version of Duolingo

Why is duolingo unpedagogic? (Part 1 – it isn’t!)

My Product Marketing Manager asked me this week why Duolingo was seen as unpedagogic, i.e. why it’s approach to teaching  language is poor. She’s picked this up from general conversations on language learning apps within the product development team. I started off by counter arguing this – that there is a lot that is pedagogic 

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Using French learning apps offline – how Duolingo, Busuu and Babbel compare.

Been travelling in Vietnam and carrying on using French language learning apps. This meant I was off network data, and reliant on hotel WiFi which was patchy at best or no connection at all on transport across the country.  This post therefore focuses on the accessibility of the apps offline. I’ve also added another one to the 

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