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On the way to HTC service centre to pick up my repaired Nexus One. I was using the 3GS iPhone I have for work on the MTR, browsing the web and killing time. I looked up. Everyone, without exaggeration, around me was also using an iPhone. All the commuters whether standing or sitting exception were devouring content, playing games or communicating through their iPhone. Most of these people had an iPhone 4. Without meaning to, I had a little pang of shame for having an out of date phone.

Getting off the MTR and going up the escalators, the vast majority of people were still on their iPhones (I can see now why Hong Kong seems to paranoid about accidents on escalators – no one is paying any attention as they are transfixed on the retina display in front of them).

I have nothing against iPhones – they are great and although I get a little frustrated by the lack of features I have gotten used to on the Android platform and the HTC phones (better predictive text, trackball etc).  I still do like using the iPhone although I do rankle against the homogeneity of it all.

Maybe it’s just me. I have ended up being a Coventry City Football Fan largely because at school everyone supported Aston Villa (the moderately successful local team at the time) or Liverpool (the very successful team at the time) and I wanted to support someone different. Clearly this mild anti-uniformity is part of my character.

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  • @chriscattaneo March 13, 2011 Reply

    Hi Neil,

    Blog is looking good!

    By the way, there’s nothing wrong with being mildly anti-uniformity… I think many can be blinded by public opinion and confirmity sometimes and forget to evaluate things according to what we need and to our own mind. Perhaps because it’s easier or because we do want to fit in sometimes, whatever the cost.

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