iPhone problems

My iphone 3GS has finally packed in – the on/off button has fallen off and now is in a permanent random state of on-offness. And no iphone 4s available in Hong Kong unless you go to the scalpers that pay people to stand in a queue for two nights every time there is stock in HK. Wander a mile down the road from the official Apple shop and you can find plenty of iPhone 4s – at a HK$2000 mark up. And i suspect this mark up is even higher in mainland China.

Apple seriously need to do something about this but they either don’t care or are powerless to stop it. They have a limit of two devices per person but labour can be cheap here so that doesn’t put off the scalpers.

If I didn’t need an iPhone for work and was after a personal phone I would be the happy owner of a Galaxy by now and I’m sure that’s the same for many people. Not sure if Apple are being super smart by purposely not having enough thus creating demand and making them hard to get to increase their worth or whether they just seriously cannot produce them fast enough.

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  • Amit Srivastava January 28, 2012 Reply

    It is hard to believe that Apple can’t get enough iPhones in HK! No wonder Samsung is gaining a lot of ground in the East.

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