App Development

Google Play and Apple App Store country list

Here is a spreadsheet with a list of world countries and which ones have access to Apple App Store and Google Play. I’ve needed this a few times and haven’t found a consolidated chart before. For Google Play I’ve marked up the countries which allow the price to be overridden in the local county 

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Shark fin affects using push notifications

Been experimenting with Parse recently as a way of increasing engagement in Johnny Grammar’s Word Challenge.  Johnny Grammar is an app that provides grammar, word and spelling quizzes and includes a leaderboard. Parse provides a number of services including the ability to push pre-programmed and ad-hoc push notifications through an app to mobile devices. Every 

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So you think you want an app?

A post I published on the British Council’s internal blog which has relevance to all companies who do digital product development. Six questions to ask if you think you want an app Have you or your department ever thought about building a mobile app? If so, read on. The British Council has had over 11 million 

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